with just these ten oils at your fingertips, you can address + solve 80% of your family's health care needs.

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cleansing, revitalizing, uplifting

  • add 1-2 drops to water daily to support healthy cleansing & digestion

  • diffuse to purify air and uplift mood

  • use to remove gum, glue or any other sticky substance

  • make an all purpose cleaner

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cooling, energizing, natural bug repellent

  • take internally in water or veggie cap to help relieve upset stomach or indigestion

  • inhale deeply and apply to temples and forehead to relieve headache

  • diffuse in the morning for energizing mood

  • apply to back of neck for cooling 

  • add to shampoo / conditioner for stimulating scalp massage

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soothing, cleansing

  • add 1-2 drops to facial cleanser, serum or lotion for acne and skin imperfections, or for men to soothe after shaving

  • spot treat acne directly 

  • great & effective surface cleaner

  • add to toothpaste or mouth wash for effective mouth cleaner and rinse

  • apply to skin with coconut oil for clearing up rash

  • roll onto underarms for freshening up

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soothing, calming


  • diffuse at night and apply 1-2 drops to bottoms of feet, chest and pillow for a restful night's sleep

  • apply topically to irritated skin or blemishes

  • add 2-3 drops to warm bath

  • consume 1-2 drops in veggie cap to calm nervous system

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renewing, beautifying, rejuvenating, grounding


  • Take 1-2 drops internally through veggie cap or sublingually for healthy cellular function and immune function

  • apply topically neat or in serum to reduce appearance of skin imperfections

  • diffuse for relaxation, meditation and balance

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powerhouse natural antibiotic


  • take 1-2 drops in a veggie cap or in 1 ounce of water 2-3x per day for sore throat, cold or flu until symptoms go away. best to start as soon as you notice signs/symptoms

  • topically apply 1-2 drops combined with FCO to spine, bottoms of feet and throat for boosting immunity, always dilute as this is a hot oil

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protective blend

  • take 1-3 drops in a veggie cap or ounce of water for immunity boost before/during traveling or during seasonal changes

  • diffuse in home, bedroom and office when threats are high

  • combine 1-2 drops with FCO for a natural hand sanitizer

  • make an all purpose cleaner

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digestive blend

  • take 1-2 drops internally in water or veggie cap to promote healthy digestion before or after meals

  • rub 1-3 drops directly on belly (dillute for children) to reduce bloating or when you're experiencing any gastrointestinal issues

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respiratory blend


  • apply topically to chest and breathe deeply

  • diffuse at night by bedside to clear up congestion or cough

  • inhale straight from bottle to clear airways 

  • apply to hands and inhale, then apply to chest and back of neck before workout or yoga for energy

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soothing blend


  • apply on feet and knees before and after exercise, use with FCO if applying to larger surface areas 

  • apply to any targeted areas that are tight or need relief

  • massage 1-2 drops into jaw area when experiencing TMJ

  • massage into lower back for menstrual pain / cramps

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