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Imagine being able to address the majority of your family's health needs at home, easily + naturally...

Well! I'm here to show you how essential oils

make that possible.


essential oils are a plant's natural protection from environmental threats, insects and decay. we utilize them by extracting them from seeds, leaves, roots, bark or flowers of plants. they are highly volatile (the good kind - meaning they change form quickly) and are SUPER concentrated matter (i.e. 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to roughly 28 cups of peppermint tea). they are quickly absorbed into our bodies when used topically, aromatically or internally. in short, they are nature's gift to us! 


when it comes to essential oils - it's not apples to apples - it's doTERRA and everyone else. this is because of the purity, sourcing and ethical standards they have set AND that they have been 100% transparent about (see sourcetoyou.com). this is why I fell in love with the company and the products they produce. doTERRA does not cut corners at the risk of their consumer's health or at the gain for their bottom line. once you use and experience the oils for yourself - you'll know this truth firsthand!


get ready to be SHOOK - there is NO governing body in the land of essential oils (or in many other self care or beauty industries for that matter) - so that means that the bottle of lavender you're buying from Whole Foods or Target for $5 will say "100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL" but there's absolutely no guarantee that what is in that bottle is pure lavender oil or that it will have a therapeutic effect on your body. In fact, it's more likely that the lavender was either created in a lab synthetically to smell like the flower OR is highly padded or diluted. 

when doTERRA came to the game over 10 years ago, they knew a standard of trust needed to be created. CPTG means Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade - and what that means is that you know what's in that bottle is the highest purity, highest potency, most tested, highest quality and most sustainably sourced oil in the world. 


doTERRA sources their oils in the most expensive, non-cost effective way that you can source oils .... this is called THE RIGHT WAY :) not only do they source globally from over 40 countries so that you get the highest potency of plant medicine that is obtainable, they actually BUILD UP FARMERS instead of just buying farms and exploiting the people and the land that has been there for centuries. the co-impact sourcing model lives to empower the people who actually make this product possible. it is the simple idea of "if you take care of your people, they will take care of you" ... and this is exactly what doTERRA does - they take care of their farmers the way they would want to be treated - with love, kindness, integrity and respect. again, see sourcetoyou.com for videos that will pull the heartstrings!


before you can really fully understand and enjoy the benefits of the world's purest essential oils - you have to know why that even matters! to me, it matters because I am putting these oils on myself and on my young children daily. they are being dispersed into the air of my home. they are being ingested into my body. what you do on a daily basis DOES matter - and it all adds up! essential oils are HIGHLY concentrated material - so I want to know that i know that i know - that i am using the most pure and potent form. doTERRA gives me the confidence that I need to know that what I am using is truly the best in the world. 

read up on these amazing e-books! they cover the basics + more ... and if you're interested in more specific topics click here to see all the categories of e-books doTERRA provides.

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