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"we are what

we repeatedly do"


​I love doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program because it makes budgeting for a holistic healthy lifestyle much more accessible with these amazing perks:

  • Each order you make that is 50PV or more will earn you points back to save up for free products!

  • The amount of points you earn per purchase will go up every couple of months as you see in the chart below. Example: I have been in the program now for over a year, so I receive 30% BACK in points on my purchases. So, if I order 200PV then I am earning 60PV back! 

  • PV means Point Value - each product has a price and an assigned Point Value. Oils are always $1=1PV

  • You will order monthly in the program, but there are no minimums or maximums - you can customize your cart each month to fit your specific needs. 

  • If you choose to order 125PV or more before the 15th of the month, you'll automatically get a FREE Oil of the Month added to your cart!

  • You can cancel at any time - no questions asked











Have questions about setting up your first LRP order?

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