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I recently replaced my store-bought daily vitamins with doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack, and here’s why I will never switch back:

1. Decreased Inflammation 

    -No more chronic joint swelling, my wedding ring is now too big! 

2. Energy and Elevated Mood

    -stamina and excitement for productive activity are at an all time high (without depending on caffeine or processed sugar) 


   -no more neon green urine! 

   -I feel & see results even on days when I fail to live a clean lifestyle.


I was wary of doing this at first. Didn’t think I could afford it. But the benefits of LLV supplements + juicing and eating cleaner have been everything I needed! The mental strength and clarity I have experienced are amazing! Additional changes I have noticed have exceeded my expectations and further surprised me! By the end of week 1, I looked skinnier. Seriously! Bloating was GONE... it's almost alien-to-me feeling of feeling good in my skin. I feel healthy. Next thing I noticed was my skin. At the beginning of week 2, I had a breakout. At first I was taken aback…then I realized that it was probably just the toxins making their way out of my system. I used apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and all blemishes were gone by mid-week. Now my skin is glowing! Summary: Mental Strength and Clarity, No More Chronic Headaches, No Emotional “Breakdowns”, Bye Bye to Bloating, Weight Loss, Body Confidence, Glowing Skin, and I am eating healthier all day long!



I was the biggest skeptic of LifeLong Vitality for a long time and did not decide to take them consistently until about 2 months ago. Since then, I have made a complete 180 in my mindset. The terrible daily carpel tunnel pain I experienced felt like concrete in my arms for years - after being on the supplements for just two weeks my chronic pain was gone. I changed nothing else about my diet or lifestyle then committing to LLV. I will never stop taking these supplements and will be recommending them to everyone I know.



I have been taking the LifeLong Vitality Supplements regularly for about 2 weeks now and I am not quite sure what to expect from them, but one clear result is my sinuses. After the 2nd day, I can literally breathe from my nose and not my mouth! I used to be stuffed from allergies so much every day year round because I don't like taking all of the medicine and squirting the Flonase. I was a little skeptical at first - but not now!


I’m one of those people that knows how to take care of my body so far as diet and exercise, but when daily life took over with work and family, it was hard to make the time to exercise and with the kids crazy schedules sometimes just picking up at a drive-through was easier. The kids are all gone now but my schedule has not slowed down so it’s the same thing. I just have not made the time or changed my unhealthy habits until now. So when Nicole introduced the healthy habits program that we are starting this month I was super excited to jump on board. I immediately ordered the daily vitality pack and I started taking the recommended dosage of the Daily Vitality Pack along with PB Assist. After the first day of taking the supplements I noticed a definite difference in the way I felt and honestly my sleep was more restful, I did not feel sluggish when I woke up and was waking up earlier and I had a lot more energy. So much more ready to take on the day! And this is only day 5!I highly recommend this for everyone!


LifeLong Vitality Supplements are the foundation of my health. Within 30 days of starting the system, my eczema cleared up that i had suffered with for years! I also used these as my pre-natal supplements and loved it!

My husbands gout has gone away with consistent use of the system and for my younger sister it has cleared up her hives!

Highly recommend for everyone to try.


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